“Natural Chinese dishes”


“Nippon concierge”


東京・表参道ケヤキ並木に面した大きな窓に映る 季節の移り変わりを愛でながら、ごゆっくりお過ごしください。

“Natural Chinese dishes”

Enjoy our selection of natural Chinese dishes using fresh ingredients from various regions of Japan.
Careful attention is paid to each dish to enhance your dining experience.
And you can experience the true deliciousness of every natural ingredient in our dishes as we do not use any chemical seasonings.

“Japan concierge”

We offer a selection of Japanese wines, in addition to Japanese fruit liquors spirits and organic Japanese fruit juices.
Through our cuisine, as well as our hospitality, we look forward to providing each of our guests with a memorable dining experience.

Relax and enjoy the ambience of our restaurant
while you take in the view of the zelkova trees through the changing seasons in Omotesando, Tokyo.


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